Sifu Daniel Carr


"Legends of Kung Fu" columnist Mark Cheng of Black Belt Magazine wrote this about Sifu Daniel Carr:


"Sifu Daniel Carr is one of the true modern scholars of comprehensive Martial Arts knowledge in America today. As a contributing editor to Black Belt Magazine, a Licensed Acupuncturist, and a Martial Arts Instructor myself, I can vouch for the depth of Sifu Carr's practical background and accomplishments in combative arts, healing practices, and applied movement sciences.


He has impressed me on multiple occasions not only with his tireless devotion to seeking out deeper truths in Chinese and Thai Martial Arts and healing arts, as well as traditional Indian Yogic practices, but also his genuine love of teaching and sharing such hard-earned knowledge. I highly and wholeheartedly endorse Sifu Carr as a modern expert in these ancient art forms."


Tai Chi Single Whip


A Note Of Introduction From
Daniel Carr:

Mission Statement


  • To provide the highest value in Martial Art instruction through exceptional skill and the utmost respect in service
  • Never to waste any one's time or money


To make good on that mission statement, I guarantee my work with the following: you don't have to pay me unless you are completely satisfied with the level of Martial Art instruction received.


My name is Daniel Carr, and I am a long time practitioner of Chinese Martial Arts, Hatha Yoga, Chinese and Thai bodywork, Muay Thai, and Vajrayana Buddhism.



Grandmaster Jack Man WongGrand Master Wong demonstrates a "Dragon" stance from Hsing Yi.

I began this journey over 30 years ago in Chinese Kung Fu styles. My Kung Fu and Tai Chi Sifu ("Father-Teacher") is Grand Master Wong Jack Man, a world renowned Kung Fu legend. I am one of two students he has issued an "Instructor Sash" to in the last 20 years of his teaching.


I have taught Martial Arts for close to 20 years and have a rigorous daily practice that keeps my ch'i at a very high level. This is a critical factor in achieving longevity and real power in your fighting technique. The key is to never be satisfied with your current understanding and continue work as if you are just beginning your journey.


In keeping with a real quest to obtain higher knowledge, I have traveled to Asia numerous times to study with teachers in related disciplines. I have studied both Hatha Yoga and Vajrayana Buddhism extensively in India, as well as Muay Thai and Thai Massage in Thailand.


The Hatha Yoga was studied directly with Shaivite Sadhus in Varanasi who are experts in the field of injury rehabilitation and digestive practices. The Vajrayana programs in India that I have attended include a two week initiation hosted by the Dalai Lama in Amarvati where a number of subjects relating to advanced meditation practice were discussed. If humanly possible, I attend any public teachings of the Dalai Lama and consider him to be the most accomplished meditation Master alive.


In consulting in applied fields of expertise, I was contacted by the American Cancer Society to design and implement a Chi Kung rehabilitation program for cancer survivors. I asked a physician I had worked with in giving a Yoga seminar to the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute Residents if he would be interested in joining me in implementing the Chi Kung rehabilitation program for the cancer survivors. He did, and the program was an overwhelming success.
Letters Of Recommendation


The physician who helped me to implement that program recruited me to the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration to work there. My job was to design and implement an Eastern Mind Training program for Veterans with PTSD and Substance Abuse issues. The Mind program at the Veterans Administration was considered groundbreaking and extremely effective by a staff of mental professionals at the VA.
Letters Of Recommendation


Once at the Veterans Administration, I was recruited by their Chronic Pain Management department to construct a Tai Chi program specifically for alleviating chronic pain in the Veteran population. Again, the program was successful in helping the Veterans achieve lasting health results.
Letters Of Recommendation


Ajahn Yong KiatYong Kiat at rest in Bangkok after a long training session
I have certification from a number of famous massage schools in Thailand and had an opportunity to train with and see the best teachers from each of these schools perform various styles of Thai Massage.


I am certified by the Thailand Government to teach Thai Massage and am authorized to issue official diplomas signed by the Thailand Ministry of Education.


My ongoing teacher/"Ajahn" in Thai Massage, Yong Kiat, is a Blind Master who resides in Bangkok and whose style is unique to the blind therapists of Bangkok. He is the founder of the Blind Thai Massage Association. Yong Kiat is one of the premiere Thai Massage therapists in Bangkok. I have been authorized by Yong Kiat to teach this Blind Thai Massage tradition in America, a style that no one else is authorized to teach.
Blind Thai Massage Association


Yong Kiat is a disciple of and was an instructor for another master, the late Ajahn Pisit. Ajahn Pisit trained the blind in Bangkok for decades, and I was lucky enough to train extensively at his school. Ajahn Pisit was a legend in Thailand in Thai Massage and regularly demonstrated techniques on Thai TV to a national audience. He called Yong Kiat to his bedside just before he died and gave him some final instructions on how best to carry on his tradition.
Ajahn Pisit


Ajahn PisitAjahn Pisit instructs
the blind in Bangkok.
My repertoire of Thai Massage techniques includes the deepest of deep tissue work, leading to numerous stretches that open the body from every angle. Though my preference is to do chronic pain work, I can also use Thai Massage to do an overall tonification of the body that will completely rejuvenate the body's energy system. For more information on my technical background, see the "In-Depth" page.
In-Depth Page



I graduated from UC Berkeley and, as you might guess, am not concerned about any one's status in society. I treat everyone equally, whether or not celebrity, professional athlete, multi-millionaire, etc...and I have instructed all of the above. My mission is to make the health and power benefits available to any sincere person who walks through the door. Compiling and synthesizing all of this knowledge was no easy task. Creating new teaching strategies to implement the efficient system of training was something that came with a great deal of time and reflection.


My final comment here is that the teaching strategies that have been developed can provide a hardworking student with a vehicle to achieve superior results in a short amount of time. Using Thai Massage to open up an uncooperative body and Hatha and Buddhist Yogas to solidify these gains in flexibility and range of motion can provide an adult Western student of these arts a real chance to achieve greatness that would be out of reach due to historical injuries that would normally limit and plateau one's development.