Sun Style Hsing Yi


Hsing Yi Ch'uan is one of three major Chinese Internal Martial Arts, with Tai Chi Ch'uan and BaGua Chang being the other two. All three are based on complete Chinese Philosophical systems, with Hsing Yi based on the Five Element Theory.


Hsing Yi

Hsing Yi Sword builds powerful strength in the arms and shoulders.

Hsing Yi, though less well known than both Tai Chi and Kung Fu by the general public, has consistently produced the most revered martial artists in China, artists known for dominating opponents in full contact challenges.


Five Element Theory, also less known than the Yin/Yang dualistic understanding of Tai Chi, holds a creative and destructive relationship between the Five Elements and seeks to utilize these relationships for the creation of energy within the practitioner and the destruction of an opponent.


Hsing Yi Sword

The Water Sword Form of Hsing Yi.

The art hones the five energies of the body through the Five Element Fists and then expands on these foundation techniques throughout the Twelve Animalforms. Each of these five elements is linked to specific organs of the body and stimulates them in sequence to generate increasing levels of internal power.


The Twelve Animals are both animistic representations of the particular animal's spirit and challenging movement art techniques. When executing the Twelve Animals, there is a certain sort of anamist/"animal" power that the Hsing Yi adept will infuse into the movements: one must feel the animal's power while moving like the animal.


The long, heavy two-handed sword is then practiced to develop upper body/core power. There is nothing quite like the Hsing Yi Sword in all of the Chinese Martial Arts weaponry with respect to building power.


At the studio, we offer the complete system of Sun Style Hsing Yi. Hsing Yi is usually taught after a student has a firm grasp of either Tai Chi or Northern Shaolin, as a certain level of hip and ankle flexibility is needed to perform the difficult stances correctly. However, this is not a necessity.



  • Five Elements
  • Linking Sets
  • Twelve Animals
  • Element Fighting
  • Animal Fighting
  • Long Sword