Muay Thai Kick Boxing and Boxing


Muay Thai fighters reign supreme as the best standup fighters in the world. Fighters from Asia, America, and Europe have all tried to win in Thailand, most of them knocked out very quickly, the smarter ones leaving with a profound respect for the Thai's and their art.


Muay Thai Round Kick

Training Powerful Round Kicks is an integral part of Muay Thai.

Now Muay Thai is the number one choice with professional full contact fighters for standup fighting skills, Brazilian Jiu Jistu the first choice for groundfighting. It differs from the newer, commercial Kick Boxing styles taught in it's use of shin kicks, knees, elbows, full power pad striking, and grappling.


Our studio features authentic Muay Thai learned from professional Thai fighters and trainers in Thailand. The teacher, Decha Petsin, a formerly top ranked fighter at Ratchadamnoen Stadium in Bangkok, shared his full lineage of technique.


Theravadan Buddhist Meditation compliments Muay Thai to produce optimal results in both studies. Buddhist Meditation and Philosophy work well with all types of martial arts, not just Muay Thai.


Traditional Muay Thai has strong ties to Buddhist Meditation and Philosophy, practices which enrich it far beyond its martial prowess. We offer this approach to interested students so that they can see the crossover between the Chinese Martial Arts and Muay Thai with respect to the relationship between body mechanics in striking, bone strengthening, and ch'i development/central nervous system electricity.


Both the Chinese Martial Arts and Muay Thai have sophisticated systems for generating "ch'i" or central nervous system electricity in the body and both use this power for martial application. Although the methodologies are somewhat different, training both systems has a synergistic effect on one's practice.


The preferred sequence of training at the studio is to learn how to box first, i.e. throw powerful punches from a correct stance, before moving onto the full spectrum of blows found in Muay Thai. Throwing kicks and knees from an incorrect stance is a surefire way to limit one's growth in Muay Thai, so we make sure a student can punch correctly first. When stance and body mechanics are correct, achieving knockout power in punching and all of the other strikes is really not that difficult.




Boxing Basics

  • Line Walking Conditioning
  • Jab, Cross, Upper Cut & Hook Pad Striking
  • Defense, Drilling & Sparring



Muay Thai

  • Line Walking Conditioning
  • Round Kick, Push Kick, Knees & Elbows Pad Striking
  • Pull Downs & Greco/Roman Wrestling
  • Defense, Drilling & Sparring